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The Clive Ireland Award
Each year the IOV Executive presents an award to a person that has contributed most significantly to the IOV and the industry. This article explains what the Clive Ireland Award is presented for, and gives an insight into the man who the award honours.

Clive Ireland F.Inst.V.
Clive Ireland was a founder-member of the IOV, and served on its Executive Committee and as its Arbitration Officer until his untimely death on 1st August 1999. A trophy (fondly referred to as “The Clive”) is presented each year in his honour to reward those that demonstrate the qualities that Clive became best known for – namely giving himself freely for the good of the organisation and the industry in general. 

Two year's prior to Clive’s death the Executive introduced the IOV Award – which was later renamed the Clive Ireland Award. Interestingly, it was Clive who presented the first IOV Award – the recipients of which are chosen by the IOV’s Executive from nominations received from the membership. 

Clive and the IOV

Clive was the 18th person to join the IOV when it was first established in 1985, and along with a handful of other likeminded professionals, soon felt compelled to offer his assistance to its founder, Geoff Belmont-Rixon. Being one of the leading exponents of making the IOV accountable and effective, Clive was instrumental in changing the organisation from being a private, non-constituted company into a professional Institute owned by its members and sanctioned by the DTI.

Whilst the roots of the IOV were being established in those early years, Clive and his fellow Executive Committee members gave their time freely – with Clive playing the role of Arbitration & Disciplinary Officer, plus being the local IOV rep for South Wales - and an enthusiastic contributor at National Executive Committee meetings.

His ability as a videographer was also well noted - winning numerous awards for his corporate, broadcast and wedding productions. If you wanted an example of individual talent – a true multi-tasker – then Clive would be a prime candidate. More importantly, he was very generous with this talent and was always willing to share his knowledge with those less experienced. Having someone like Clive to talk to, who had completed the quest of turning a passion for programme making into a successful business, was a benefit to us all.

The Clive Ireland Award today

There is no doubt that Clive was instrumental in establishing what has become a well respected and professionally run trade association – but even now, when the IOV has funds to support those that contribute and manage its affairs, its continued success relies on individuals giving themselves for the good of others. Sometimes it is work on a local level, sometimes great commitment to the entire organisation – but in each case the IOV and the industry is a better place for their efforts. 

Whilst everyone will not have had the privilege of knowing Clive personally, we believe the award will continue to represent those qualities which we can all recognise and admire in others – humility, professionalism and selflessness.

How to nominate someone for 'The Clive'
Whilst the Executive ask for nominations for the Clive Ireland award at the same time applications are requested for the production awards each year, members are encouraged to make suggestions throughout the year.  This is done by simply writing to the Executive, letting them know when and why that person's actions warrant consideration.  Recipients do not have to be IOV members, but do have to reflect the qualities and spirit on which the award is founded.  

If you would like further information, or would like to nominate someone for 'The Clive', please email exec@iov.co.uk     

Previous winners of the Clive Ireland Award include: -

1997 – Peter Snell M.M.Inst.V. (the IOV Award)
1998 – Kevin Cook F.Inst.V. (the IOV Award)
1999 – Kevin O’Malley Hon.Inst.V. (the IOV Award)
2000 – Martin Baker
2001 – Jamie Swanson
2002 – Roger Staniland
2003 – Nigel Cliff
2004 – Chris Waterlow F.Inst.V.
2005 – Ron Lee F.Inst.V.
2006 - Phil Janvier M.M.Inst.V.
2007 - Tony Nimmo M.M.Inst.V.
2008 - Derek Latimer F.Inst.V.
2009 - Brian Rae M.M.Inst.V.
2010 - Steven Abrams F.Inst.V.
2011 - Peter Harman
2012 - John De Rienzo F.Inst.V

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