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You've taken the first step in finding a professional videographer!
We're glad you have taken some time to investigate the credentials of your videographer. As this is a relatively unregulated industry, we hope this information gives you a little more peace of mind in your choice.

This is to confirm that the following IOV Member has attained Associate Membership of the Institute of Videography
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Mary Crowley A.M.Inst.V.    
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Introducing the IOV
The IOV has a wide reaching membership; from those who have been in the professional videography industry for many years, through to comparative newcomers. Our members operate in various specialist production sectors; from corporate, documentary and event production - through to freelance videography services in all disciplines.

Associate Membership - What does it Mean?
Every member joins the IOV as an Ordinary Member. However, to exploit their membership fully and use the IOV logo within stationery and marketing materials, they must progress through our structured accreditation system. An Associate Member of the IOV has successfully passed the first step towards full IOV Accreditation.

    VideoSkills Book  

The IOV has established what it considers to be the core competencies of videography and has published a book and a free-to-access study website ( for those wishing to work towards IOV Accreditation. This includes an online exam for members to test or benchmark their knowledge of basic craft skills and, most importantly, the business and legal knowledge which should enable them to operate within relevant legislation and the IOV's own internal rules of membership.

An Associate Member has passed the online exam and demonstrated that they understand these core skills. Above all, they will have a good understanding of their obligations in relation to the IOV's Code of Practice (click here) and matters such as insurance, contracts, copyright and Health & Safety.


Is that all you need to know about them?
The simple answer is 'No'. Whilst Associate Members have demonstrated their understanding of the principles of running a video business and video production, the IOV may not have seen samples of their work. You must therefore satisfy yourself that they can produce work to the standard, and in the style, that you require.

Always ask to see a sample of their work - and make sure that the sample has been produced by the videographer you are employing, as quite often they may subcontract other videographers to carry out work.

Check their Membership Status
It is not uncommon for videographers to claim they are members of the IOV when in fact they are not. To check their validity simply email - or call our Admin Team on +44 (0)1782 396 366.

    Arbitration - a Major Benefit of Employing an IOV Member    

From time to time disputes arise between videographers and their clients. This is where the IOV's Arbitration Service can be engaged to achieve a fair and amicable settlement. The IOV offers this service free to its members' clients - and every member has agreed that their clients can refer complaints to the IOV as part of their obligation to our Code of Practice (click here).

If you have a complaint about one of our members, please contact the IOV's Arbitration Officer, Ron Lee F.Inst.V. by email - - or by phone on 0871 8713112 (Intl +44 (0)1744 29976).

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