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Nick Lasky [Sales & Wants] 3:29PM Monday 07 April 2014
The HVR-Z5E is designed to enhance creativity and deliver the highest standard of optical and audio quality. This compact camcorder is ideal when high performance in available light conditions is a requirement.

Looking for £1,500 ono

Happy Bidding !!

Nick Lasky [Sales & Wants] 1:42PM Tuesday 01 April 2014
This camera is in excellent condition, although missing a clip to hold microphone in place and cover for the card reader on side of camera. The camera is being sold as a single unit without microphone and card reader.

Looking for £3,000 ono

For any question, please do not hesitate to message me.

Happy Bidding!

Dave Collins M.M.Inst.V. [Sales & Wants] 3:29PM Friday 28 March 2014
Am closing down the business so selling off 2 complete sets of high end P2 HD kit plus other bits and pieces.
Mark Stuart M.M.Inst.V. [Sales & Wants] 2:19PM Wednesday 26 March 2014
Rare opportunity to purchase very well looked after, little used Pro Video kit avoiding high RRP and VAT.

Comprehensive list at: http://ms-media.co.uk/kit

Sony PDW700 XDCAM, Sony FS100, Canon 5D MKii, Canon 7D, Canon 35mm F1.4, 24-70 F2.8, Sony Alpha, Glidetrack, Metabones Speedbooster, Sony radio mics, Rode and Sennheiser mics, lights, Support rigs, Matrox MX02 and Blackmagic cards, Zoom H4N and more...

Westley Dowdles A.M.Inst.V. [Sales & Wants] 11:49AM Monday 17 March 2014
Well the time has come to rationalise some of the audio gear which although great, sadly I am no longer using. So Westley's Audio Bonanza is now open and online and available for you to have a peek to see if there is anything that takes your fancy.
Mike Wade F.Inst.V. [Sales & Wants] 6:35PM Wednesday 05 March 2014
Pocket plus Lens for sale
Isaac Freylich A.M.Inst.V. [Sales & Wants] 1:35PM Monday 03 March 2014
Panasoninc HPX 250 and HPX 171
Mint condition due to upgrading to 4K
Paul Osborne [Sales & Wants] 10:49PM Friday 28 February 2014
Camera, lenses, adaptors
Kevin Cook F.Inst.V. Hon [Sales & Wants] 10:49PM Friday 28 February 2014
MyMyk Smartlynk and MyMyk Smartmyk
Westley Dowdles A.M.Inst.V. [Sales & Wants] 11:31AM Friday 28 February 2014
Condition is good, very light usage, hoya protective filter has been on lens since purchase. Price wise just simple looking to sell this for what we would receive for trade so that someone can get the benefit of this camera at a trade price £1700+shipping.